Level Up

Learn From Those That Do - Informative, Educational Content From Real Experts

DOru is a new streaming video platform delivering informative, educational and entertaining content from our highly curated list of trusted, verifiable experts in their space who DO what they talk about.

Not many subscription packages come with a likely return on investment, but the more content you watch on DOru, the more you level up your skills and the more valuable you become.

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Watch and DO from Anywhere

DOru content will soon be accessible on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, Macs, PCs, and streaming media boxes such as Roku and Apple TV.

Why join a brand new platform with limited content?

We're a new streaming video business, working hard to create valuable content for our new network.

It will be here in a matter of days - but it's not there yet.

So why subscribe today?

We're crowdfunding our launch a bit, and for our earliest OG supporters, we're giving lifetime 'Early Adopter' discounts for a short time and will never be offered again.

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New content will be arriving every week, and we appreciate your OG status to support us as we get this new network off the ground from day 1!