It's Time To DO.

It's Time To DO.

There has never been a more important time to commit to being the best version of you that you can be.

Welcome to DOru, a new streaming video network delivering educational, informative, educational and entertaining content from our very selective list of trusted, verifiable experts in their space who actually DO the things that they talk about here on DOru.

Not many subscription packages come with a probable return on investment, but the more content you watch on DOru, but we're here to show you HOW to DO the things that we DO, making you more valuable.

Let's DO this.

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Join Us for the DOruBash Event Series

Live, interactive educational business shows only on DOru!

With our new community features and real time engagement and interaction with live events, you will be a part of each session.

It pays to be a Platinum tier subscriber!

DOruBash Primavera

eCommBash is now DOruBash, and it's also happening 3 times a year! Join us in March for DOruBash Primavera!

March 7-9

Office Hours

Pop in during Office Hours and ask our experts questions about your business, marketing, eCommerce or much more!

Wednesdays at 9:00pm CST

The 2-Hour Happy Hour

Grab yourself a drink and join us for an engaging conversation on a new topic every week.

Tuesdays at 6pm CST

Faster Find

Not a usual business mastermind program, introducing a new live speed-round version called FasterFind.

Thursdays at 8pm CST

Feet Up Meet Up

Who says you need to go out to network with likeminded people? Relax and join us for Feet Up Meet Up!

Sundays at 5pm CST

DO you want to watch DOru content?

Or DO you want to BE a part of the content?

The Platinum membership tier includes access to all live events, real-time engagement and interaction with guests and experts covering all sorts of topics, as well as the DOruBash Live Event Series (and 3 DOruBash conferences per Year!)

If you don't need all of the live interaction and incredible conference access, then the Gold Membership tier is perfect for taking in all of the great pre-recorded content that we have coming your way, watching at whatever time is best for you.

Platinum Membership Tier

Platinum Membership Tier

Our Platinum membership tier includes:

  • All pre-recorded content on DOru.

  • All live-streamed content on DOru.

  • Any live-streamed DOruBash event or content, including 2-Hour Happy Hour, FasterFinds, Office Hours, and Feet Up Meet Ups.

*Monthly membership tier DOES NOT include any DOruBash Conference passes, nor replays of any previous DOruBash events. 6 month includes 1 and One year includes all 3.

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DOru TV is coming soon to an app near you. Until then, you can always watch DOru through a browser, just like you are here now.

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We're not only about business, eCommerce and digital marketing - though that is where we come from and, frankly, what we DO.

But DOru is about edutainment - interesting, informative and educational forms of entertainment.

Be sure to check out some of our new video podcasts on topics that you are sure to love!

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